Nominees should have demonstrated outstanding contributions to society, their profession and/or the college, and represent the highest levels of achievement among the college’s alumni.


Professional Achievements: The recipient should have demonstrated significant accomplishments and success in their chosen field or profession. This could include notable achievements, leadership roles and recognition within their industry or community.

Contributions to the Community: The award recipient should have made a positive impact on their community through philanthropic activities, volunteer work or other forms of giving back.

Service to the Alma Mater: The recipient should have a history of supporting and contributing to their alma mater. This may include involvement in alumni associations, mentoring current students or participating in campus events and initiatives.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Consideration may be given to alumni who have shown exceptional innovation, entrepreneurship or the ability to create positive change through their work.

Leadership: The recipient should be a role model for their profession or cause, inspiring others and promoting positive change.

Personal Growth and Overcoming Adversity: The award may recognize alumni who have faced and overcome significant challenges in their personal or professional lives, showcasing resilience and determination.

Recognition and Awards: Previous honors, awards, and recognitions received by the nominee may be taken into account to assess their achievements and contributions.

Global Impact: In some cases, the award may recognize alumni who have made a significant impact on a national or global scale, bringing recognition and pride to their alma mater.

Ethics and Integrity: The recipient should demonstrate strong ethical values and integrity in their professional and personal life.