Nominees should have demonstrated integrity and a commitment to service by bettering the lives of others through volunteer efforts, including civic, military and professional service or work with charitable organizations.


Demonstrated Community Impact: The recipient should have a proven track record of making a positive and tangible impact on their community. This could include initiatives related to education, healthcare, poverty alleviation, environmental sustainability, or any other area that addresses community needs.

Sustainable and Lasting Change: The award may prioritize alumni who have implemented projects or initiatives that have resulted in sustainable and long-lasting benefits for the community, rather than short-term efforts.

Leadership: The recipient should have shown leadership qualities in championing causes that improve the well-being of the community. This may include mobilizing resources and inspiring others to get involved.

Innovation and Creativity: Consideration may be given to alumni who have introduced innovative and creative solutions to address community challenges effectively.

Collaboration and Partnerships: The award recipient may have actively collaborated with other organizations, community groups, or individuals to maximize the impact of their initiatives.

Engagement with the Community: The recipient should have a strong connection to the community they serve, understanding its unique needs, and involving community members in the planning and execution of projects.

Philanthropic Activities: The recipient’s commitment to philanthropy and giving back to the community should be evident through their financial support or active involvement in fundraising efforts for community causes.

Measurable Results: There should be evidence of the impact of the recipient’s work, with measurable outcomes and positive changes that can be quantified.

Ethical and Transparent Practices: The recipient should adhere to high ethical standards and demonstrate transparency in their community impact initiatives.

Recognition and Endorsements: Previous recognition or endorsements from community members, local authorities, or reputable organizations can add weight to the nominee’s candidacy.