Nominees’ actions and accomplishments should reflect someone who, based on their expertise and industry perspective, offers unique guidance, advances their industry, inspires innovation and influences others. 


Expertise and Knowledge: The recipient should possess a high level of expertise and deep knowledge in their area of specialization or field.

Originality and Innovation: Consideration may be given to alumni who have introduced innovative ideas, concepts or solutions that have had a significant impact on their industry or discipline.

Influence and Reach: The award recipient should have a substantial following or audience, whether through publications, speaking engagements, social media or other platforms, demonstrating their ability to influence and inspire others.

Publications and Research: The nominee’s published works, research papers, articles or books may be assessed to determine the quality and impact of their contributions.

Thought-Provoking Content: The recipient’s content and ideas should be thought-provoking, challenging conventional wisdom, and contributing to the advancement of knowledge and understanding in their field.

Recognized Authority: Consideration may be given to alumni who are recognized as authorities or thought leaders by their peers, professional organizations or the broader community.

Application of Ideas: The award recipient’s ideas and thought leadership should have practical applications and real-world relevance.

Positive Impact and Change: Thought leadership should have resulted in positive change or improvement in the industry, profession or community.

Thought Diversity and Inclusivity: The recipient’s thought leadership may be evaluated based on their openness to diverse perspectives and contributions, promoting inclusivity in their field.

Ethical Leadership: The recipient should exemplify ethical leadership in their thought leadership efforts.

Longevity and Consistency: Consideration may be given to alumni whose thought leadership has been consistent and enduring over time.

Global or Industry Influence: The award may recognize alumni whose thought leadership has reached a global audience or has had a significant impact on their industry.