Based on the relative amount of time spent in the field since graduation, nominees should have accomplished prominence in their chosen profession through their efforts in industry, government, non-profits, education, or other organizations that reflect positively on the College of Public Health and Health Professions.


Career Accomplishments: The recipient should have a distinguished and successful career, marked by significant achievements, advancements, and recognition in their field.

Leadership and Innovation: Consideration may be given to alumni who have demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities, driving innovation, and making positive changes within their industry.

Impact and Influence: The award recipient should have made a substantial impact on their profession, organization, or industry, and their work may have influenced the practices or standards in their field.

Contributions to the Field: The recipient should have made valuable contributions to the knowledge, research, or development within their profession.

Recognition and Awards: Previous honors, awards, and recognitions received by the nominee may be taken into account to assess their achievements and contributions.

Professional Development and Lifelong Learning: The recipient may have shown a commitment to continuous learning, professional development, and staying up-to-date with advancements in their field.

Mentorship and Support: Consideration may be given to alumni who have served as mentors, supporting and guiding others in their career paths.

Ethics and Integrity: The recipient should demonstrate strong ethical values and integrity in their professional endeavors.

Industry Impact and Reputation: The nominee’s reputation within their industry or professional community may be considered, including their standing among peers and colleagues.

Influence beyond the Workplace: The recipient’s impact may extend beyond their workplace to include contributions to the broader community, industry associations, or professional organizations.

Global Reach: In some cases, the award may recognize alumni whose achievements have had an international or global impact.