Gator100 2022 honoree: Jason Waz, P.T.

The College of Public Health and Health Professions is pleased to honor alumnus and business owner Jason Waz, P.T., who has been named to the University of Florida’s Gator100 for 2022. The awards program recognizes the world’s fastest-growing Gator-owned businesses.

We asked Waz to share some of his career journey and insights.

gator100 2022

Jason Waz, P.T. (BHSPT '96)

Owner, Competitive Edge Performance, Inc. and NeuPT Technologies, Inc.

Waz, Jason

Please describe your practice.

Competitive Edge Performance is a physical therapist-owned practice founded with the purpose to provide a better patient experience than the standard of care set by traditional clinics.

At CEP, we believe that innovative technology based on science and research is the future of the physical therapy profession. We are leaders in the clinical testing and development of devices and techniques that will help promote the field of physical therapy for the next generation.

We also have a robust clinical education program, mentoring nearly a dozen PT and PTA students every year. Since its inception in 2007, CEP has utilized a hybrid model of practice which has helped us limit the restrictions of secondary payors in order to serve our community with the highest quality of care possible. Through clinical trials and research, we even brought to market several pieces of emerging technology (such as the NEUBIE device) which has given us the privilege of collaborating, coaching and supporting hundreds of other physical therapy practices all over the United States since 2018.

What do you enjoy about owning your own business?

My fellow classmates in the UF PT Class of 1996 joked with me that I would be a private practice owner. I really didn’t believe it at the time because I really grew to enjoy inpatient neuro right out of school. Within four years of graduating however, I started my private practice journey. The most rewarding part of owning a business has been watching my vision of adding value to the profession of physical therapy become a reality. I have always been inquisitive and a bit of a gadget geek, so the key for me has been to remain open minded while always remaining dedicated to life-long learning. With a lot of hard work, dedication and support from countless others, my vision for fundamentally adding value to our profession has been an honor. 

How does it feel to be named to the Gator100?

I was quite surprised to find out that CEP was named as a Gator100 honoree. Finding ourselves among an elite field of entrepreneurs who have represented the Gator100 in the past made it even more amazing. I immediately thought of my entire family and extended work family who have seen and participated in all of the effort, trials and tribulations of developing a successful business, and I am forever grateful for their alignment with this cause. It validates all of the loyalty, trust and faith everyone has shown CEP over the years.  

What’s next for you and your business?

As mentioned earlier, over the past decade CEP has participated in clinical trials and clinical research with emerging technology that is innovating the physical therapy industry. We have become a differentiator in the field of PT per se, and that became the inspiration for me to found  another company in 2017 called NeuPT Technologies Inc. My focus over the past five years has been to utilize CEP as a model and testing ground to advance the field of physical therapy through technology based on science and research. Over the past several years, I have had the privilege to educate over 2,000 physical therapists, and we are currently collaborating with hundreds of practice all across the U.S. My goal is to continue with the mission to create the “PT Practice of the Future” with CEP as the model.  

What is the best piece of business advice you have received?

Get a business coach and get one early in your entrepreneur journey. Find someone who has the experience to help you avoid all of the pitfalls that can come with inexperience. I joke saying that the only reason anyone is considered an expert at anything is because they have probably failed thousands of times and eventually learned a thing or two. There is no room for an ego if you want to be successful early on. One of my favorite books is “The Go Giver.” The book was recommended by my business coach and friend Brian Gallagher (of MEG Business Management). I read it right around the time that my practice started turning the corner. It is based on the principle of always giving more in value than you ever expect to receive in return. If you live and work by this simple principle, it will put you on the path of success in work and in life. Don’t get me wrong, there were many lean years in the past while trying to grow a business and countless times where I looked up to the sky saying, “I’m ready.” Being honored in the Gator100 group is the icing on that proverbial cake. I am very thankful for the recognition and the opportunity to carry my message further.